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whatstrend network is looking for a new WHATSTREND BLOGGER!!!!!!!

If you have what it takes to be a fashion blogger and stylist , follow this link ——-> http://www.comeovertothedarksidewehavecandy.com/2012/05/the-search-for-the-next-whatstrend-blogger.html

The competition ends tomorrow!!!!!! Good luck!!!

Here is my entry for the competition 🙂 :






Black dress and top: Urban outfitters
Sunglasses: gucci factory outlet @ dessert hills
Accessories: Hermes, femme x, Chanel classic earrings, necklaces from a shop in fareast plaza.
Bag: Chanel jumbo

Dress for yourself and only yourself. Don’t be afraid to share and worried about how other people will perceived u as! I believe everyone have their own sense of dressing and their own fashion inspirations.

I have been following quite a number of fashion blogs and have always been amazed by the outfits they put together. I started this blog few months back with the same intention of shaing my interpretation of styling and my love for fashion with people around the world.

The opportunity to be a whatstrend blogger, will be a huge stepping stone for anyone who has a dream to step into the world of fashion.

I am of no exception. A dream to be part of any fashion project to share my passion and interest for fashion.

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