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alright, the photo above is totally irrelevant to what this post is about but i think a post without a photo is kind of boring. haha… this photo was taken at sentosa with a superb view. i have started editing my photos already, hopefully i can do up another post on boy’s birthday dinner @ ODP restaurant by today. 🙂

oh okay, back to the main focus of this post. this post is to dedicate to Xiaxue ‘s recent awesome post that creates quite a stir in singapore. if she ever reads this post of mine (which i think is highly impossible), i hope it gives her some comfort that there are others who are supporting her somewhere. for those who are not living in Singapore ( since wordpress are kind of not popular in Singapore and readers/bloggers are mostly from other countries rather than Singapore. ) , i am going to give u all a little information about this awesome blogger from Singapore.

Xia Xue whom her real name is actually Wendy ( yes same name as me!), is a famous blogger from Singapore. i have been reading her blog on and off for a quite a long period of time, some people finds her a brainless blonde who tries to act “chio” and be a “angmo” (meaning trying to act pretty and be a caucasian ) but i think she is a very brave lady who believes in who she is, how she should look like and eventually do it. And she doesn’t really care how people will sees her as ( she got a unique fashion sense. go to her blog and u will know what i am talking about) and is not afraid to show it. Sometimes i find her posts are quite entertaining and it keeps u up to date on what is happening around the blogsphere in Singapore or around the region.

According to her blog , est. 40 000 people viewing her blog everyday. i think she is quite successful being a full time blogger.and i think she deserved it. her recent blog post on ” the face of haters” totally creates a storm in Singapore and once again proven the fact that she is quite an influencial figure/awesome blogger in singapore.

okay, about this great post she done up. lately there are a few photos of her and her fellow bloggers friends being circulated in fb. The photos are showing her as being a supporter of “PAP” party (The People’s Action Party(PAP) is a government party that dominated Singapore’s parliamentary democracy), nasty comments were left by many to criticize her for supporting the party. isn’t it up to individual to believe in whatever they deemed right? why target her because she is famous?

Comments like this :

” if she falls at the roadside, even the dog would pee at her face”

“no difference with geylang hookers” ( geylang is considered the ” red light distinct” in Singapore)

“absolutely dumb”

“i know that fake angmoh woman’s name is Xia Lan xue. one of the notorious Singaporean bimbo”

these comments are all targeted at her personally, not about her political views at all. and she retaliated with a post dedicated to these people who posted these nasty comments. After i finished reading it, i can only say ” she is awesome! she totally did a good job in shaming these people whom in the first place shouldn’t have insulted her that way. I mean these people don’t even know her personally. what position do they have in the first place to judge her? simply because she is not the usual norm who dress in plain Tees and jeans?

i hope this incident really wake these “nice” people/cyberbullies up! and hopefully teach these people some manners and think before they say anything out of their mouth ( or should i say ” to think before leaving any nasty comments on fb that will hurt people ) again!

* although it is kind of sad to see some of the innocent family members and friends of these people implicated in this incident, but i think she just got to do what she has to do to fight for her rights.*

READ her inspirational blog here ——-> http://xiaxue.blogspot.com


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