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(photograph taken by film slr @ somewhere in┬ásingapore. sorry i can’t say where this place is. i miss trips like this,just out in the nature and shoot. )

lately i have been digging out old albums and trying to recollect the old times. i realize life was so great then, LOL.

all the emotions i get from looking at these photos from the past are so overwhelming. it all constitute to the fact that i was so happy and carefree then, but i was never contented and be grateful for having such a happy childhood. ( haha.. i keep telling myself how life sucks with all the exam and not enough money to spend. and keep telling myself to grow up fast so i can earn more money and buy nice things for myself.) then when i grow up and now been working for almost 6 years with the airline, i want to go back to being young. LOL. it is like a joke isn’t it?

i have learned. to be happy with my life now.be grateful for having a job, a happy family, a healthy body and i have the money to upgrade myself by taking my degree. i want to stay this way. cause i won’t know what will happen to me 10 years down the road.perhaps i will get too sick to travel, or gets too poor to even sustain the kind of lifestyle i am having now. now i just stop thinking too much, and live my life the way my heart tells me to, so i have got no regrets.

then, i realize a lot of people around me have been complaining way too much about how life sucks, about me don’t understand how heavy their work load is. how about trying to look at life from another angle, perhaps 10 years down the road, u might be jobless,and blame yourself that why when u had such a good job then yet still complaining so much about it. or maybe 10 years later, you won’t be as fit as now to travel to all other places while u can do all this with ur life now. life is great! it all depends on how u look at it isn’t it?

thinking from this point of view, does it makes u more happier now? that at least you are alive and kicking well now? lol.haha….

why people like to complicate life? life is just so simple.Be happy and be grateful of what u have now.( i think i am so naggy in this post. keep preaching about being happy.) of course, there are days where things doesn’t turn out great, but it will definitely not be the worst day of your life, so why not think of something happy and turn your mood around. afterall, it is your life. you gets to decide whether u want to have a life full of joy or be sucky about it for the rest of your life.

i dont deny i am still learning to be positive about life too. sometimes negative thoughts do invade my mind once awhile, but when it does, i will try my best to push it away and think of all the happy thing that happens to me. ­čÖé


(photograph taken by film slr @ somewhere in singapore.)

i think film cameras are still the best. does DSLR gives u such rich colors in the photos? i don’t seems to be able to get shots like this with my DSLR. is it because i am not good enough with my DSLR that i am not able to bring out the full potential of a DSLR? lol. i am so going to bring my film camera out to shoot again. i hope it is still working.haha





i hope everyone will have a happy day today. ­čÖé hehe

this last two shot are not taken with my SLR camera. is just a normal digital camera. but i love it. Looking at this photos, make me want to take a month off and travel all over the world and see beautiful things.



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