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Just 6 months back, i felt so lost when i decided to leave a 3 years relationship that i almost thought he was the one i could settle down with. but i know i have to harden my heart and leave when i finally realizes that it brings me more sadness than happy times.  All i wanted then was to be alone again and to have my freedom back. FREEDOM = is all i could think about!!

Just when i thought single hood is far better than being with someone, just when i thought fairy tales doesn’t exists and that my love life seems obscure and uncertain, he came into my life when everyone else couldn’t.

his love for me. his sweet nothings. his constant surprises. his undivided attention. melted my heart and i know in that instance, “the one” have finally appeared and found me. it is really amazing to experience what i am feeling now, to actually realize how two who used to be strangers can come together as a union and be so in love with each other.

i realized that when u really found love ( the real deal !!! ), everything else just fall into place without much efforts. there is no need to accommodate with each other’s activities because u both love doing the same thing. there is no need to bury your pride and ego or unhappiness to please your other half to stop all the fightings cause there is nothing to be unhappy about in the first place.

and everything else like materialistic gains, pressured to get married or the urgency to get a house doesn’t matter anymore. it is only love that is surrounding and it is what that matters now.

and u know what is unbelievable? i finally found one who is sensitive enough to notice something is bothering me without me having to communicate through words. just a look, a gesture and he knows that there is something bothering me. this has never happened in any of my past relationship that my bf is far more sensitive and protective to my feelings than me to his.

i am proud to say that. the kind of love we have for each other is not like money. it is not something like money that once u works hard and u will definitely receive, maybe u might be a billionaire but u might never have the chance to experience love the way we did.

anyhow, i know i am not good with fancy words.i can’t express my love for him as well as he does. all i can really say is ” baby boy, u really make me very happy.very happy. and i love u much.”

and it all started when he decided to reconnect with me on 1 nov 2012……


the day we met again after 9 yrs…. 5 nov 12


where he decided to snap a pic of me secretly on our first date… ( i only found out about this pic few days back!! )


when he surprised me with a stalk of rose on the way home….


and after more and more dinners and dates… we are finally together.




(thank you baby shirley for this lovely pic and spending the time to decorate it.)

i will cherish. and i will treasure. this time.

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