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First of all, I want to wish all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! haha… Today is day 2, and I am blogging at a driving range! I have got no program at this period …ermmm ..so boring!!! So I am here accompanying the boy for a short golf session!! I have millions of photos to edit and I have not been very productive in posting the photos here! Oops!! So here it is..

A week back, Lynette and me planned a really sweet surprise for Shirley to cheer her up a little cause she have been feeling rather down lately! We booked a room for her at studio M… And I am glad we did that cause she was all smiley the whole night.


Camwhore shot of myself! Haha… I found this really cool apps call ” morebeaute2″ that can smoothen the face and make me look really good!!!


Lobby of studio M Singapore.


I went to checked in to the room first to leave my stuff and chill the wine.

Outfit for the day

Cap: Taipei street stall
Top: USA
Shorts: American eagle
Shoes: Japan street stall


Lynette bought this really big and pretty balloons for Shirley!!


After that, I was off to meet shirley for dinner at Clarke quay. At this point of time she was not aware of the plans yet. She thought it was jus a simple dinner. We went to this bar bistro place called ” shuffle” where there are live band playing Chinese and English songs every day starting at 8pm. It was a really nice cosy place and the food tastes really good as well.

Because we were there on a monday so there isn’t much people there, so it was a plus point for us as we gets to enjoy the exclusivity of service.


Shirley. Me. Lynette.

Shirley was damn shocked when she saw Lynette appeared out of nowhere. ( I am not really close to Lynette cause she is more of Shirley friend. So she was really surprise that I have asked her along) oh well, surprise don’t just end there.. Hahaha

So after the pleasant dinner, we said we have this really nice place to bring her to for a couple of drinks before we go. But she is really very clever. She knows that there is something very wrong with us that night. So she kept asking us and questioning us! Haha


Anyway, she was really happy when she found out that we booked a room for her. The whole night was filled with joy and laughter.




Lynette baked her a cake! Then the night were just girls talk and booze…





We went out for a walk in the middle of the night! Hunting for food.


The next morning….





I look things will get better for her!

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