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Top : beach city ( Australia )

shorts: American eagle ( USA )

sunglasses : urban outfitters

Accessories: hermes, femme X

After a week break, finally headed back to work yesterday and did a short flight. i have to act up and be a leader on yesterday flight, it was challenging but great opportunity! now i totally can understand what the leaders are going through during a tough flight.

on a lighter note, i haven’t really get down to edit the boy birthday photos…hhahaa…the thought of having too many photos to edit makes me feel lazy. oh well, i will have all the time to edit next week while i am back to new york again!   i have 3 new york flights coming up … hopefully i won’t be down with jet lag. shag..

and i can’t wait for my 8 days leave in july, will be heading to hong kong with my parents! miss shopping in hong kong!! and why is hong kong ‘s hotels getting so expensive? is july the peak season for hong kong?? 😦

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