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Recently, i been doing a lot of readings on food and nutrition. i find some of the topics in these books are very interesting, and i would like to share them with u all. 

From the book : The  beauty detox solution.

in the first chapter of the book, it talks about how our body is designed and how it affects our diet. According to the author, our human body (generic make up) is very similar to that of primates: monkeys, chimps and gorillas. We shared 99.4% of our DNA in common with Chimpanzees.

Look at our hands,fingers, nails and teeth are just like the chimps. in particular to the teeth, are flattened like the chimps(except the front canines) , which can be used to open up the harder shells of some fruits and our back molars are appropriate for grinding plants for easy digestion.

Carnivorous animals (e.g tiger) on the other hand have short inflexible “fingers”, sharp fangs for hunting and eating raw meat and claws for ripping into the fresh of their prey.But our hands, teeth and bodies are simply not designed for hunting and consuming meat ,we have to use tools, weapons and utensils instead.

okay.. so basically we look different from carnivorous animals,and it turns out that our digestive tract is built differently too. For example, our human liver has a low tolerance for uric acid, a by-product when digesting animals protein.in contrast, the liver of the carnivorous tiger contains uricase which is an enzyme used to break down uric acid. This enzyme gives the tiger’s liver 15 times the capacity to break down uric acid than a human liver.

And not only that, our human intestine is extremely complex and at around 13 feet (just like gorillas). it is designed to be long so that there is adequate time to absorb the minerals and nutrients of fruits and plant matter whereas the tiger has a short intestines so that it can quickly get rid of the acidic waster matter that is the by-product of animal proteins.

so what does all this mean to our diet?? The gorilla is a natural vegetarian with 86% of its diet consists of green leaves, shoots and stems. the gorilla gets all its protein, vitamins and minerals from its plant based diet and is in fact the strongest animal on earth, pound for pound.so what happens when we have the biological make up of a gorilla but we eat like a tiger??—> i find this really makes sense when i was reading this chapter. 


and like other strong mammals on earth- the elephant, wild horse, buffalo are all plant eaters.THE STRONGEST ANIMALS ON EARTH ARE ALL VEGETARIANS.These gigantic animals all gets their proteins from amino acids- the building blocks of proteins in plants. i find this really a solid and convincing proof.

what do you think? it is not about cutting meat out of your diet totally, maybe reducing the quantity is good enough. 🙂 maybe what our body needs is just fruits and vegetables to stay young and healthy, and not mask, moisturizers, cleansers.



hopefully one day i can still look great without putting on make up!!! lol

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