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top: H&M

Shorts : beach city ( Australia)

Leather cuffs: Demande de Mutation , femme X

Ring : Mania Mania ( The eternal ring)

Have u realize lately that i haven’t been wearing black? Lol. i do miss wearing all black. but weather in singapore lately is making it kind of impossible to dress up all black. i was wearing this outfit when i did my walk at the hort park the other day….very cooling top i got from H &M. and it is rather cheap.. maybe i should go get the other colors of the top, i kind of like it.

and i am in new york again now..will be heading to central park later. i haven’t been there before, yes! i know, all those times i been to new york i just didn’t think of visiting that place.oh well, i am in the mood lately to take a walk in the park, heard so much about the place and finally now then i am going there. so glad that there is someone on my flight who is thinking of heading there, so the trip to central park is on! whohoo.. promised that i will take some nice photos and post it here. 🙂 till then, have a good weekend everyone!

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Inner and outer top: H &M
Shorts : beach city
Rings : Estelle Deve, Diva
Specs: a shop from Korea

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